Mar’haba (welcome) to Levant

“We are a Lebanese and Middle-Eastern bar & restaurant serving authentic, home-style food made for sharing with family, friends and colleagues, suitable for every occasion. We are very proud of the food we serve, it is drawn from the kind of food Lebanese mothers and grandmothers would happily cook at home for their children and grandchildren.

Levant is an authentic and fun restaurant, we believe eating out is much more than just great food, we offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere from the decor to the food and equally as importantly the warm hospitality and great entertainment”

Tony Kitous, Founder

Lebanese Food & Wine Showcase Event

Join us on Wednesday 24 April for this exclusive Lebanese food & Wine Pairing event in collaboration with the Marylebone Food Festival and Ksara wine, guests speakers will share with us their love for Lebanese food and wine as well as few recipes and ingredients pairing tips! Traditional Entertainment will be provided, an Event not to be missed!

Spring Feast

With Delicious Mezze to share, authentic main and fabulous desserts, our winter feast will certainly put a spring on your step!


We all enjoy eating great food whether at home or the office, or anywhere else. For that reason our food is available wherever you are. If you are in a two mile radius of W1U and spend £15 or more we can deliver our food to you.